Self-love is that ever easy,
I choose the hard route with no hands that feed me.
I can do this on my own because hands get greedy,
But two head are better than one .
Not many want to help you, not many wish you to be helped.

So if my self-love seems selfish.
Indeed so, yelp!
Another year and I’m not accepting sorry,
So i’m ignoring self-doubt and excuses.

Not matter where I am at in life at least I know I tried,
But I can do this on my own.
Like I have done for so long,
I can do this on my own,
I can get through this.

I know that having faith and trust in God,
Will never steer me the wrong way.
I’m ready to manifest the life I want,
And keep the demons out my way.


Don’t Judge A book By it’s cover

Never Judge a book by it’s cover.
Even the roof of a housing can,
Easily fall apart.
For good men too can fall apart,
The light to the world will be,
Betrayed and envied by the dark
Rivers and the stormy clouds the
Intentions of a man can be pure but
He takes the fall for them all
And when you learn more you
Understand the cruelty of the world
Can sometimes turn a strong man,
Into a brick wall.

Bright Skies

If you have that one person that makes the,
Stars in the skies shine brighter keep them.
If you have a soul that shines light,
On the darkness of days keep them.
Because many will fall and keep the skies grey,
But that one reliable person ,
Will turn the skies from 50 shades of
Grey to the brightest of days.


What is love and war?
In everything I fought for,
I could be staring into the dark.
But I stood tall.
I could be lurking in my own shadows,
But I choose not to fall.
Is all fair in love and war?
With no regrets, but gratitude.
A battle is not lost if you,
Didn’t risk it all.

Stay Strong

I know you may be feeling weak,
And everything is wrong.
You use to say ok, when they ask
But this time you know your not
It’s ok to finally admit to yourself,
I’m tired, I’m weak, its wrong.
And even though you feel the weight of the world,
And you’ve been holding on for too long,
Stay strong.

Healing A little

Writing heals the hurting soul, the hurting mind,
The broken heart.
Music uplifts, inspires and leads me to the pen
So even though I’m an exhausted, wounded soilder
I stay Zen.

Untitled Life

The Devil Whispers In Your Ear,
But who Am I to Fear?
Take Charge Of Your Life,
Or You May Lay For Ever In Misery.
Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust,
Many Years Of Pain, Loses And Failure.
Maybe Things Where Unjust,
Maybe There Where Hands behind Your Pain,
It Got Worse Not Better Should I Surrender To the Shame.

Take Charge Of Your Life,
Take Control Of Your Soul.
You Are The Leader Of Your Life,
You Deserve To Be Happy.
Why Must We Lust In Anger,
To Prove We Don’t Deserve The Rain.
Let The Sunshine Let The Sunshine Today,
Let The Sunshine And wipe Away,
The Grey.

It’s Ok

Sweet dreams are made of me

Scent  so sweet

Smile so a serene

Lean and clean

Bright everything seems so right

Shining throughout the day

It’s ok sometimes to not be okay

It’s ok to frown

Once in a while

But put on your crown

This place is yours.


New Praises

Thankful for my life,

Thankful for this soul.

You are my comforter,

You are my Rock.

When things are not right,

I always know where to find you.

You deserve all the praise

You deserve all the praise.

Let It Go

It’s plain to see,
It’s time to leave,
It’s a ball on a brick wall
To give up on all that’s known
To an adventure to seek better minds
And ones that share in all joys.

Dear Soul

Dear Soul dear mind,
One of a kind, true in every angle,
A piece of divine.
Puzzles to the pieces,
Love is in the air.
Focused on love,
Because hate is to much of a burden to bare.
Not worried about the past not worried at all,
Because divine lives inside there is no way you can fall.


A free spirit amongst it’s wildest dreams,
A free spirit is a free spirit which is set free.
A free spirit which needs freedom most of all,
A free spirit is the wildest of them all.
A free spirit runs with their heart and soul,
A free spirit colours outside the lines,
A free spirit stands tall,
A free spirit is bold.

A free spirit is unique in creativity,
A spirit can see beyond it’s wildest dreams.

A free spirit runs with their heart and soul,
A free spirit is magic.