Do You know what love is ?

Love is the pure joy of a man,
Love does not envy love is kind.
Love reaches out when love is not blind.
Love has no expectation,
Love forgives mistakes.
Love is a helping hand
Love does with the heart and not logic of the brain
Love does not steal the waters of your joy,
Love does not hurt your soul, cheat or betray.
Love protects, love includes, love is not black, white, pink or blue.
Love does not keep secrets, love crowns you with honesty and comfort.
If that is not love then your version is not true.



What is love and war?
In everything I fought for,
I could be staring into the dark.
But I stood tall.
I could be lurking in my own shadows,
But I choose not to fall.
Is all fair in love and war?
With no regrets, but gratitude.
A battle is not lost if you,
Didn’t risk it all.

Pure Love

Love is a open door
Love is what we adore
Love should be pure
Love should be free
Love is a broken wall
Love is an open door
Love should be free
Love should be pure