Thou Shall Not Conform


What am I good at I can not see
Socially awkward oh why me?

Thinking about the pains of the past holds us back
From thy higher self

It’s a battle they say we have war
But try fight a war in the mind

“Thought damage is the biggest brain disease you can find”

Can you transform yourself?
It doesn’t exist, this ego is separate from our true bliss
Controlling our every move

Is it ok to make mistakes?
Or is this world controlled by mindless perfection

If summer disappoints and does not shine we blame it on the rain And go back to out lives

So why should we be judged because we carry information that we learnt growing up

Comments comments not enough listeners left to find
We can be masters of our own mind and  place the earthly puzzles together

We don’t need to be louder than competitors we are all the same
We should be louder than the opposing pain

And just listen, listen we all have something important share
the quietest man in the room can spark  something so rare


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