solitude-imageTo be understood is not easy
looking back on a life that wasn’t choose
Explaining yourself until everyone knows
Why can’t I just fly
With wings that promise not to break
My heart breaks yes it aches
Because I cannot find a true sound

Lost my passion to a battle that was not found
Trying to keep up the same pitch
Singing a melody with a glitch

Why do I create something beautiful with pain
Why can’t I create when I’m in joy
Do I have to go back to the same pain
To create something wonderful
But that means I will forever be in hospital
And oh no parlayzed in my sleep

I don’t know if I’m good enough
Can anybody hear the sound when it has not emotion
I lost my passion to people devotion
And now I must go back in solitude
Like the hermite to gather information
But the world is changing, am I really for this nation?

Do I fit in why did God create me this way
I guess one day I will find out
There’s so much wealth in an artist vision



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