I Deserve

I deserve to be the very best
Even if life is a test
Ego aside Its time to do me

Do what I love not materialistically
I deserve to be loved as everybody should
I deserve to be great because I believe I should

I deserve to leave a legacy behind
So my generation will never divide
I deserve to use radically action to manifest my desire
My yesterday was a road trip
But my today is on fire

I can make things happen
No matter how imperfect I am
No matter if No one believes I can

I will try, try and try until I can’t no more
Do what I love even if it seems a bore
I deserve to have the greatest life I should
Because of the magnificent potential
God created me to be Universally speaking

I deserve to be right, I deserve to be wrong
This is not ego this is a spirit song
It feels so good to lay my heart out in words
I deserve to I deserve I deserve

To love my authentic self!



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