Facing Harsh Realities

iStock_000005304585Medium_planning_future-e1381229096887.jpgLook outside from within,
They say it doesn’t matter whats outside
But what’s within
Is this a lie that they told the world
To keep our eyes covered in veil

Is there an actual truth
Or is this an illusion
Im done looking out from within
With No solution

This is a world that’s give and take
What can you do for me, what can I take
No matter how close we our
Everyone wants something from you
Family, friends and employers too

It’s not shallow it’s just the truth
Maybe Ive avoided what gives me value
Because of fear…..

Everyone one wants substance nobody cares
Whether your, nice sweet or Kind
It’s what you can do for the mind
Wow I’m a tired lazy …..
With so many flaws

Time to change and practice my bad skills
And one day look back
And exit stage left


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