I am a Woman not a Horse

Old man getting out from dark

I think we as women are a force
Stop treating me as though I am a horse
Yes my hair is long but it’s still natural inside
Looking after my veil is the representation
Of God’s beauty being alive

Stop treating me like a sexual object
We demand the same respect as men
Not to be brushed away in the work place
Because of our feminine ways

Does my passion and expression make me a b****
Oh well then let me be dismissed

Does my voice sound too sexy and my clothes fit just right
Is my attitude over a 100 and yours alright?
Is my make up too bright? Or should I dull it down
To prove I can be just as kind as you

Should women be seen and not heard?
But what about a woman’s cry at birth
Does the pain not express enough of what’s inside
Women are just as strong and can be beautiful with pride


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