The Big Bad Wolf or Not?


Everybody thinks that the big bad wolf is howling
Preying on human beings with no solid reason
Nobody knows that this misunderstood wolf
Responds to the treatment of humans waiting for a reaction
And satisfaction to prove nothing but a fairy tale

A wolf in his thick skin will never show where it all begins
Being victorious to cover up the victim
He fights to feed and protect his family far from aggressive
He howls to save his life

When under judgement that humans hear but do not see
Threaten by his strong exterior and non misery dare not cross his territory
Loyal to his loved ones he battles to survive day and night
by the threat of human lies

Mr wolf is not so bad at all but a dog breed soft and gentle inside
threaten by humans he runs and hides he is not a beast
But just a misunderstood shy dog fighting to survive
If he feels you want to get inside his fur
He will huff and puff and blow you aside

Wolfs love to play but will stay in their territory
Moving in packs out in the wild
The wolf had to learn how to support himself and protect his own
Welcoming those who understand what It’s like to fight to survive


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