I don’t have all the answers

copyrightchangesI don’t have all the answers, but I hold a key
Something that can unlock the world full of mystery
It’s not rocket science, but spiritual truth how do I know?
I think everyone knows
The hardest thing in the planet, we won’t even admit to ourselves
We are in and out, but we can only trust ourselves
If we focus on this one thing the world will change
But how can a simple formula change the game?

I don’t have all the answers but it’s something I was told
Something I seen babies are born with
Giving their mothers, pleasure and joy
The greatest leaders used  it with much sincerity
Mother Teresa, Jesus and Martin Luther too
They did not go around judging or throwing  unneeded knowledge
Life wasn’t a contest or a test of intelligence, but one of diligence

The simplest thing can be the hardest to us
Even those who seem soft
It’s something we secretly wish for subconsciously
It’s something Jesus gave us for free
Compassion is of bold truth,
Wisdom is the greatest gift you can share
I don’t have all the answers, but I will spark something rare
I’m not the smartest or the wisest I wish I had this gift too

The power of love will set you free in an ugly world Love is Key.


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