There’s no time like the present

We are all really just the same
Fighting through the same pain
Playing a big game
Racing against time

We all want the same thing, but there’s no time like the present
And time is limitless
We all think we have reached our limit
Because of age or maybe because others are on stage

We can receive our blessing
And through the end of time we hate on one another
Because one has more than another
But the truth is we have it all
No ones better, big or small

Its how we open up our minds to see
And manifest what belongs to you and me
They say there’s no time like the present
And I believe it’s true
I’m not telling anyone what to do
I just want happiness for me and you

You can’t build a future with just a hopeful wish
Live in the present, Live in the present
Follow your bliss

Even if one has red and you have nude
You may want the red, but find out you’re not in the mood
Wear you nude loud and proud
It might be the one reason you stand out in the crowd

Age doesn’t matter, time doesn’t die
Negativity is the one that doesn’t allow us to fly.


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