Happiness is the Truth


There’s so much to do,
We keep wanting more
Go outside and explore
Even if you go alone,

Everyday should be Christmas
But we find reasons to complain
What about if there where no umbrellas to protect us from the rain

We look at others foot steps and think we should follow to
When we clearly know in our hearts that we don’t wear their shoes

My words are simple my words are plain
Am I a poet? No i’m insane
I write what I hear and follow what I see
Hoping these words will touch a soul

I realized I am nothing but plain
We are all the same we are insane
Normal humans trying to strive

Whilst others fight for their lives
We are ordinary we are plain
In Gods eyes we are the same

Wake up and rejoice, sleep in peace
New year is not once in a year its everyday
Relax in your mind and forgive the past
Learn how to play were not on a task.


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