The Dirty Games Prince Charming Plays

tumblr_m8i6rdxOJo1qbpkhoo1_500Knight of swords, awww that’s charming
Who do you think you are walking around as if your a darling
Fishing for empty fish in the sea, the game is full of trickery
Spin the bottle for the truth
She told you, you took her heart for granted and broke it into two
You don’t want to pick up the glass and now you hide in you ego mask

Was the game worth the loss of a true friend
Who saw you through your up’s and down’s till the very end
The disrespect you put her through, the childish behaviour
That’s not the innocent you
The bad habits you let get in the way
Over and over and over you play

The chinese whispers of sweet words,
But still you gaze at the birds
Blinded by your own reflection you gaze
There is no shame when playing these games
The dishonesty that lays within your solid grin
This lady of fine gold with stand strong and bold
But deep within

Lots of love is sent to you, but the deception and lies
As you listen to the wrong guys, going around telling half-truths
As you feel sorry for yourself again and again a man your age
Should be wiser than them,

But then again your prince charming 🙂


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