Looking Within

your beautifulHow do i leave the trail behind,
Something old, but valuable in mind
How do i let go, to find the breath to manifest
The goodness inside
How do i change thoughts, i thought i was not
But projected something i could not see, that was not me
I look for answers inside

Theres more to the world then hiding inside
The truth is when you face your danger
You walk into the world a complete stranger
But then you accept it for what it is
No one is like you, you cannot force it
But you can love and be strong
Give help until you see no wrong

You can stand still without  will
Or you can blend in with your belief
Love out loud and energise yourself inside
Knowing your understanding your true you
A spiritual being who has left your you
What an experience we all have to bear
There’s nothing more exciting than a blessing with a story to share.


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