Sitting Alone

sitting aloneSitting alone, just sitting alone with people around, but no one to call your own
The people you trust seem to be your enemy one minute you please them
The next minute your there frienemy

Sitting alone with the broom in your hand  sweeping away cobwebs
Dustings around the dark corners that nobody see’s
Alone with your opinions alone you stand

Sitting alone, with a big piece of paper readings and trying to
Find out what’s sum to the calculations and mysteries
Mystical eyes you have, but everyone around seems to think your mad
Nobody true, nobody honest, nobody there it needs to be compromised

There only in love to take the good out of you
When your feeling down, you find out who is true
Yes your trust is as blank as the white piece of paper
Always ready to fill up untill you go back and erase all your love

The mistakes you made when your feeling blue
Just sitting alone, nobody understands but you


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