All in the mind

armony with nature and all that’s inside
Spending years and months keeping your hopes alive
Chasing a dream that meant pushing things away

Developing yourself means being brave
Keeping to yourself at the same time being free
Letting go but leaving energy to flow

Standing firmly on the ground without a sound
Evolving into a secure beast taming the lion, but keeping your peace
Producing your element of truth means following your heart

Many obstacles in the way, but it’s all in the mind
And in the end all will be fine
You think, you wonder and you wish

You rewind and you fast forward and in the end
You will say it was all in the mind
If sacrifice for an inner dream means loosing everything

Never regret, never repeat keep moving your feet
To the rhythm of your soul the one that beats
“I’m safe, i’m secure and at  home”
Confidently accumulating to someone of your own

Many wonders, and worries have gone
Speak to yourself and say
Thank you, i love you, i’m sorry, i belong


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