A seed planted for 280 days
Growing and living without human ways
The seed is born and alert of time
Present in spirit, body and mind

With a hand to touch another force
A mind to shape the world
A mind to grow with wonders
A mind that understands pain

The world around this growing seed
Was made to change the mind,
But suddenly this growing seed
Wakes up and finds

The world around this living force
Was made to create challenges
Called a course of hurdles to balance this living force

This seed was destined before it came outside
To run, jump and win, but it’s up to this living seed
To find that from deep within
This mind-blowing creation that does not know
The mind is a greater than the limiting beliefs it was told

Once the seed can open up and remember where it came from
The magic that is within will make up everything for this seed to win
This seed is entitled to grow and learn in many different ways
Before this seed finds it’s reflection and realises gone are its days.


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