Identity excuse for the force of love
We must learn to be one in the sight of God
The problem is we are trapped in a box
Something called identity that is supposed to
Shape you, shape me

But identity is in the past we must
Learn to let go and create a new
Something amazing that shapes me, shapes you
Identity creates pressure, insecurity and questions like
Who is better? Is it me? Or is it you?

The strangest thing is we can be something everyday
Happy, calm, or strong in different ways
When we take it all away, what are we left with ?

A soul, a body, an entity that knows no trouble
Born with a subconscious of freedom,
But living in an environment that creates identity
That creates a conscious of many decisions called emotions

Not given love to others is a reflection of who
You want to be , but the truth of the matter is
Love will set you free.


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