Pardon My Awkwardness


I did not mean to be so rude
I came across as though I’m in a mood
But sometimes when I’m deep in thought
My mind goes wondering lost in a plot
I can’t help but to sometimes day-dream
And travel off with a face looking so mean
Eyebrows raised forehead wrinkled up
Like I said I was lost in a plot

Pardon me, for what i see, excuse me if I’m dazed
I can’t help, but to wonder off and travel in a maze
Wondering off to wonderland without being phased

By the time you realise what’s on my mind
You will probably travel too, lost with time
And hard to find trapped in a world filled with joy

Hoping i could crack my shell
I’m just being honest i want you to know as well
I’m not arrogant or mean, but my face tells another story
It’s amazing what the imagination can do leading us from one mind to
A complete world of our own

Isn’t it great to have people understand you and you know that you’re not insane
This is not words of self-pity or shame just words that are plain
Theres nothing to hide I’m enjoying the ride and i hope you enjoy yours too

So pardon me for being free and expressing who i am
Love is the way you accept your faults and forgive yourself with a smile
Joy is the way you find laughter in pain and realise it’s not all bad but little rain
Freedom is the way you express yourself and accept you for being you
Living your life without any worry and loving what you do
The more you find love in yourself is the same way you will
Accept and love others too.


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