The chase

Following the chase of empty rules
Some say qualifications is not for fools

What’s the point of empty hope
With no practical tools to pull you up the rope

I don’t know about you but i’m tired of government rules
Making people believe that they are ‘fools’
That they can not amount to their school studies
When really there’s more to life then a meaningless hobby , dream or false hope

A written competition on a piece of paper
With no skills to show that you amount to something greater
The failure that hurts you deep down inside, should never be the reason you choose to cry

When the world needs you and your courage ,
With many hidden talents we need you to show and tell

So come alive with your hopes and dreams
And don’t be fooled by the worldly theme

When there are plenty of choices to help you come alive
So if your feeling down because you can’t keep up with the world
Follow your true heart and soul it will lead you to your pot of Gold


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