Free hope

stockvault-brightness116234A private mind a silent mouth
An honest heart with an open soul

To receive we must be open to give without expectation
Not Materially but open and honestly

We are human and we always make mistakes
But we can learn from it don’t let hate get in the way

Choosing to be positive is the only way out
That conquer and chases fear out

What is happiness if we can’t love ourself
Criticizing others just makes you as bad as yourself
If we can not help one another then let the mouth be still
Isn’t it amazing watching others heal

We all want approval, but let us approve ourself
Fear is the master evil for people to fail
When your down pick yourself back up
Theres a reason your still alive you have a purpose you have luck

Remember you are your own best friend
Choosing to be your worst enemy allows a lot of negativity in your life
So let the darkness give way to the light

Things may never be easy but you will always have yourself
So treat yourself the best you can
And things will eventually turn out the way you planned


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