Falling Beauty


Tired of stagnation everything she never had is melting away
She feels her intelligence disappear without one last stare

All her dreams are a yoke in a cracked shell
More mistakes than achievements, wait… she will tell
She can’t even remember how to smile
It’s been a while, it’s been a struggle

Does she know who she really is or does her mind remain a pointless wish?
She feels like when she gets close to happiness her joy gets trampled on

The door of movement closes in her face … STUCK
She’s learn’t enough lessons, she needs some luck

How can she get up when she sees no sun
She lives fast no breaks no fun
The ride is a bumpy one, with no breaks no fun

The wheels  keep riding fast the only time she stops
Is when she bumps into glass
Shattered into pieces too many to pick up
So she leaves it behind with the rest to rot

Theres no point of a hopeless hope an unrealistic dream
How many tears can make a water stream?

Who said weakness does not make you win
The imperfections beauty that falls through
Should be the reason of why you love you


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