The Souls Cry

tumblr_lz8bk6Jvhb1qkynm4Where are my angels and my guides?
They said they would be there for me even when i cried
I can’t seem to hear them speak, as the tears fall from my head to my feet
Why have they abandoned me, and left me all alone to be weak
I called out and heard nothing, as the tears decided to punish me

I finally realised they where by my side, but i could not hear them
I did not search inside, i ran away from my thoughts yesterday
Hoping they would return to me when i pray  even though i lost faith
And did not believe they filled me with love and came back to me
It was then i realised i was set free and my mind  was trapped in unreality

I was foolish to think otherwise , as they where there always by my side
I feel much better recovering from the war and now i know
They will always be with me when i call


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