The True

no worries
Life is a lesson, life is a tale, growing each day as the messages unveil
The person you thought you were yesterday your aren’t today
Are we here to please others or ourselves?
Waiting for human beings approval will make you fail
God is the ultimate judge , so don’t play show and tell
What is ego? Wait let me tell
It is not pride, or love it is a humans selfishness
Will you turn the other cheek, or will you react to the weak?
Don’t be good for rewards, helping someone ┬áis selfish for your sake,
Don’t be good for others just be good for goodness sake
Thinking someone will watch and reward you for your kindness that’s ‘ego’
Be kind because your kind be kind because your true,
We are born each day to see if we can take the test, no ones soul is complete until you pass the test
Free will play upon us, but we are going to keep coming back into our minds until we learn the true meaning of our lives

I have no opinion, i have no say, teachers have said i will never make it anyway
That same God that created you and me, is the same God that has brought us on the same level equally
I will not listen because God told me otherwise, “seek your father first” that i will not despise
I’m never a perfect human, but i want to learn and grow until the ‘real life’ unravels and reality shows
So take away this ego and heaviness in you heart, lift away the weight of the world thats pulling you apart
We are not in a race, so look inside and see a naked soul hiding away who wants to be set free
I am not different , we all are the same, seeking enlightenment is everyones aim
Whether you have different avenues, goals or set paths, take a step back look around and see
Everyone wants their own individual happiness that is the GOD in you and me!


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