Set Back

lonely boyA torn scar that he refuses to heal
No one will listen so he left it to peel for years and months

A wound in his heart that he cannot repair
Terrible secrets his scared to share

A broken mind from a lost lonely boy
An alien from himself and the world

Is it to late to heal this wound?
Those broken scars

He knew the marks will finally show
Unless he accepts it, then it would go

The fear of judgement, shame, and embarrassment
The fear of the unkind, depression, and pain
It’s a stepping stone for him.. 1.. 2…3
How many steps to jump and see

It’s hard to let go from the smallest mistakes
There’s a stone missing so he is set back
Before he can take off he needs to listen to his intuition
Enable to be free he has to face the world and his needs
Once he accepts and understands the last stone would appear and make him a man
Like a pair of helping hands to get him through his troubled mind
And the rocky mountains he refuses to climb


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