The blind sheep’s song

Thousands of blind sheep plus a hundred more, times a million dividedĀ 
by those who choose to stall.

Covering their skin with white wool nobody wants to be blue, black or green
Following each other one by one as the herder leads them into danger

If a herder took them to a river they would drown and still be in a crowd
If a herder took them into a fire they would sit and not know they are burning

They are too blind they will not realise none of these sheep want to live their own life’s
Independent? Not quite ready to be themselves, instead they rather sit and Baaaa-Baaaa to hell

Blind sheep never change their coat always stay the same, even in summer and the winters wet rain
white wool with bits of black dirt as they sit in crowds together, forever they would gather together
I think they enjoy the miserable weather waiting for their herders approval to sing the blind sheep song


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