I have ….


I have nothing , but i have something…

I don’t have a big house or a massive car
I don’t have my own room or musical hands to play the guitar
I have life and a family and a God bigger than the universe who watches over me
So through his love, light, peace and hope i have everything
I have the world


Walking through the busy streets
I actually stop and take a peak
For a break this time to analyse the world and see beauty in what i find
Busy children on the streets a noisy London it’s like a loud beat
A bad boy watching me from the corner of his eye, my face tightens up sorry i can’t smile
He sits there awkwardly looking at me
A woman comes by with her beautiful hair
They have a conversation, as i watch and stare
I wonder what his saying, she’s smiling cheerfully
Lips opened wide his not looking at me
That’s weird she’s much older than him
Oh well, i don’t care busy on my phone anyways
Waiting for my train…..
I look outside see specs of rain, on the window
Teenage conversations are draining me
Music in my head, people packed up its straining me
No more thinking no more analysing
It’s time to turn up the volume of music and start smiling 🙂


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