Lost in thought


Feelings…When your happy, sad, loved, annoyed and confused, mixed emotions can be sickening when you can’t feel a thing

Numb… In your mind , you don’t know what’s going on

Lost… you lose everything , you don’t know how to feel

Memories… you feel betrayed and lied to the people you trust become your enemies

Trying to stay positive in the mist of deception is difficult

Smile, smile even though your hurt

Dance, dance even though you can’t  move

Sing, sing even when the notes miss the pitch

Hatred is such an ugly thing, negativity causes negativity you cannot fight blind with blind
you will eventually fall

Help the blind man up for he cannot see show him how to love he is full of iniquity, love is the light chasing darkness away
Let the light open his eyes, there eyes

You’re an outsider because your smarter than the rest, you want to be the best, you want to break free, but stuck in
a cave in the midst of misery

Just for a while, things will get better soon , thinking is one thing, action is another
Smile, and stay positive, you will attract love, light, and happiness 🙂


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