86061042850196590_je8f1ZDc_bMirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all? ….. Beauty?
I’m not talking about what’s on the outside , i haven’t got perfect, skin, teeth, hair or eyes
People say i have a nice smile, not when i give that awkward stare
Beauty is something truly difficult to find not everybody has it not everyone’s divine
I don’t write perfect, i sometimes say dumb things when i’m nervous my speech slurs that’s just another thing
I’m not perfect that’s all i’m saying hoping my imperfection turn into beauty that’s what i’m praying
I don’t walk in straight lines i sometimes trip and fall , but i’m only human doesn’t it happen to us all
I dance crazy have crazy hairstyles and do silly things
Beauty is something not everybody has you can be the prettiest person who walks in the room, but that’s not enough
I am beautiful not on the outside , but if you dig deep down within
I have a heart of silver because i’m not perfect so i’m working on it because i’m worth it
I want to make everybody, smile, laugh and dance that’s a gift that can’t be shared , if that’s not beauty then i don’t know what is
When i say not everyone is beautiful, i don’t mean your physically hideous , you can work on it
It take’s time to find yourself, when you know who you are, and what you want don’t change, stick to you and the true happiness will glow outside your skin
Everyone is strangely beautiful you just got to search within 🙂


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