Hello Fear…

ello fear, how are you doing today? …. Yeah i am fine , where are you going?
I haven’t finished with you i want to tell you one thing i’m not afraid of you anymore,
i’m not going to be the welcome door mat on your front door. I’ve taken the trash out.
Before you disappear i have a few things i would like to share.

Thank you….

Thanks for making me the happiest most fearless person i could be, i found a new friend her name is confidence, i know this may hurt, but she’s a new replacement from you, you see we click more, i don’t want to fight with you again, so take your load and go.

I’m not going to apologise, because i don’t want to see you again.. Ohh how did i meet her? A special person i know introduced me to her, i will tell her you said hello, but that wouldn’t be necessary as she doesn’t have time for you, and one more thing i would like to share with you.



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