Dancing Through Life

First step, first stage dancing through life isn’t  always easy the moves don’t follow your steps ‘two left feet’ a helpless leap,
no voice no words just steps, like paper to pen the words come with no revision without a plan.

Just dancing through life no paper, no pen, no teacher , just you and your brain.
Kill my mind but not my wisdom, i am a wise retard.

The feet stop for a rest, can’t move. The tortured mind flashes on and off like a ballerina leaping in a big arena, ‘leap, leap’
catch her so she does not fall.

Words come out the hands and feet , 1 step, 2 step, 4 step 3.
What’s the difference between dancing and writing?
The words dance on a page uncoordinated ‘freestyle’.
The moves come from within.

Last step dancing through rain, again and again miss the puddles, because you might slip, dancing whilst his sick.
Dancing sexual dance , NO not when your young “put her down, you horrid old man and dance away.”
Watching adults play.. i wish, but no they dance in pain lets play a game of hide and seek.. hide, hide don’t tell the world just dance in rain.

‘Insane’ insanity .. skip, skip in the mind its hard to find the last move.
Freestyle in the mind and tell your moves to take you somewhere.
Dancing, dancing in rain no sound no one listens no one understands the only one who does is the dancing man.

“Jump, leap twist, turn, back flip through the fire, 2 steps forward into your desire,  split, jump up high, but do not fall, stand up tall, bow and wave to them all.”


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