Are you honest or just plain rude?


A lot of people think being honest is saying it how it is in a rude way, to me there’s a big difference between being assertive and just being plain rude let me give you an example…..

Rude is when one speaks their mind and does not care whose feelings get hurt in the process. For example,  if you’re in a restaurant and the waiter gets the order wrong a rude person will say something like,  “ oiii you @%*% are you blind or just dumb you got my order wrong you %£$&….” Your not being honest about how you feel just a jerk about it.

Being assertive on the other hand is just speaking your mind in a polite manner without letting others walk all over you.

E.g, if you are at a work place and your work mate decides to boss you around all you have to say is “ xxxx I don’t like the way your treating me, you have a good point but i want to stick with my way”. Without being patronising but let you voice be heard.

People always feel the need to insult others feelings and blame it on being honest, no you are not honest you’re just negative go and learn some manners and the next time you try to hurt others people’s feelings, think about how you would like to be treated.


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