My annoying train journey

ImageSitting on the last carriage of the top right corner next to the train doors opposite me sat a foreign family i am sure they had a great holiday in London I could tell by there children’s grumpy faces. The dad hovered in front of me to take a picture of his wife and kids, stepped on my foot and said, “sorry madam.” I smiled and looked away.

Walking in queues of traffic towards the Piccadilly line the security guard in the train station shouted, “everyone going towards winter wonder land please take the exit on the left.”… Winter wonder what? I thought it was a Disney movie.  Continuing my journey in the traffic jam I felt like I was on the A1O a Sikh man carrying a huge rucksack accidentally swung it on me then apologised.

Heading towards Heathrow I found a seat but immediately got up to let a lady with her son sit down she thanked me … Why did I move? Why did I change seats? It’s not summer but I felt masses of body heat eww… (Did I mention I hate public transport) got a man on my right who thinks it’s bed time stretching his body on the chair using his bag as a pillow and a lady on my left who thinks I’m an arm-chair and swings her stubby arms on me… inside my head I’m thinking when am I going to get off okay… okay 5 more stops I can’t breathe, I didn’t want to be impolite so I moved up hoping the lady will realize she’s attacking me with her arms.

YESSSS I can breathe … finally got off the train felt like I was stuck in the desert for 45 minutes.

The journey back was just as worst, all eyes on me where do I look left? Right? Up? Or down? I know… pretend I don’t have to wait for connection to listen to music on you-tube from my smart phone. Instead listen to imaginary music on my phone that I can’t download because I don’t have enough memory, damn youuu htc! Gosh here I am again with drunk teenagers shouting out, “ let the fat man on the train first” the fat man reply’s “ you don’t have no respect” and guess where he decides to sit. Yes next to me great more body heat.

Sitting opposite me this time, a middle-aged couple looking like they just got back from work, the husband asked his wife “did you get the Christmas card Dave sent to us.”  The wife replied, “yes I threw it in the bin.” The husband shouts in a loud attention seeking voice so every one can hear, “ why would you throw a Christmas card away?”  The wife laughed,  “what’s a Christmas card going to do for my life? Its only paper.” Husband shouted out again in a sarcastic voice, “I might as well burn the Christmas tree down and throw it away too.” Hoping he would get the laughs he expected he looked at me, I gave a slight grin then turned away.

Ok sooo… the last bus that goes to my area stops running at 00.00 six more stops and its 11.54. I was hoping the train will magical move fast, its 11.56 and the train driver stopped for 5minuites to make sure the blind man and his dog got off safely. Okay I wish I could have helped too, but I thought excuse me Mr. train driver another guard is helping the man. Please movvvvveeee the damn train if I don’t get my bus I’ll have to wait 7 more hours for another one, finally its my stop. I started running like Usian Bolt people were staring at me at me wondering what the hell is this girl doing, but I was smart I saw other people running too YESSSS that’s my bus 00.08 and I made it! I sat down on the bus and started breathing like a asthmatic on crack.


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