A letter to the ex …Erm friend


Dear ex …Erm friend,

I’m writing to let you know I’m grateful …no wait.. pause… not for what you gave me.
For what you made me, strong, independent and a very wise lady, so don’t take it as a compliment.
I forgive you, for making me feel everything I wasn’t
you’re in a bad place, out of your own ignorance you should stay there for a while maybe it will give you time to think.
Time away from all your bad influences, you wanted to be a bad man you ended up in a bad place, a place where im not :p
I was innocent before I met you, don’t worry it hasn’t changed me.
Why did you force me to understand things I wasn’t suppose to.
How dare you even think to take me places I should not have gone to.

Smoke, drugs, drinks…. You sure your ok right? Like you said your rich, the man with swag, the bad man … Yeah mate  im sure that’s why you attacked people you don’t know in front of your ex…erm  friend what a great gentle man you are.. You’re in a bad place they move you from space to space… oh yeah why did you compare others to me and not me to others? … why was I foolish to fall into your misery?.. you’re in a bad place they wont let you out..why did you follow the crowd? why did you rate yourself so high?… you haven’t got the evidence to back yourself up… you haven’t got the papers to sort your self out… Anyways thank you for being part of a lesson learnt, the letter you said you wrote me im sorry I didn’t pick it up im sorry I didn’t read it.

But here is a letter for you so take and receive it.



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