Dance Moms

Dance Moms is a life time  hit American reality show, that follows a dance studio of young adorable, talented aspiring broadway dancers and their crazy mothers. This can be viewed online free at Tv-links.

I’ve already finished  watching all 3 seasons. Whilst watching dance moms I have been shocked, amused and inspired all at the same time. Weird right? Abbey Miller is a crazy dance teacher featured on the show not only is she UNIQUE and creative  in her teaching, but she is also a successful broadway dance teacher and  the go-to person. However where success comes there’s always a problem. Abbey Lee, has received a lot of  criticism for her  violent teaching techniques. And the moms on the show have also received a lot of comments on their negative influences and bad parenting.

There are not enough words to describe and express the MADNESS on the show, to watch controversy, drama, sometimes violence  and amazing talent that will keep your opinions flying off the roof  this is a MUST WATCH!!


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