MaryMary: Album Review

Inspiring gospel duo Mary Mary, recently released their album “Go Get It”. Following up to their major success including Grammy nominations and their reality tv show, Erica and Tina Campbell have announced they would be continuing the series with season 2. 

The album opens up with “Go Get It” , massive bass sound mixed with R’n’b /gospel vibes and outstanding vocals. The song follows with a special message (to get up and work hard), this type of album will have you getting up to dance with, praises, prayer, motivation, inspiration and a new attitude.

Supporting R’n’b , pop and gospel fans will enjoy the tracks featured in the album such as “God bless” and a featuring track with the artists favourite artist destiny child with the track “Good to me”. The album then concludes with a top fab classic hit track “shackles”.

The only thing missing now…. is for you to “Go Get Go Get The Album” 


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