Child pageants

A dolla makes her holla boo boo!


So, im sure you’ve all heard of the show Toddlers and Tiaras.
I have been watching this programme on Sky DMAX and just realised how WRONG! This is a 4-year old girl was preparing for a pageant she had a spray tan, got her eyebrows waxed, make-up,nail acrylics and a hair wig. She didn’t want it done but, her mother forced her.With tantrums and fuss they wonder why their kids grow up to disrespect them. The only thing pageants does to kids is give them that “im better than you” attitude. Wasting a huge amount of money to win a crown.. REALLY? you don’t need grown adults judging whether their beauty is worthy enough to win $1000 prize, and what do parents do when there kids don’t win they leave the competition without congratulating their child for trying.. Parents stop living your dreams through your kids, im sure its confidence boasting and fun, but I’ve never seen a child enthusiastic enough to tell their parents they want to do a pageant the parents want it more, they brainwash there kids into thinking this is reality.. and those silly faces the children make in talent round.. just put your child in an activity where they can have fun and socialize with other kids. Pageants provides loads of opportunities but there too young to be told you’re not good enough, its mental child abuse making girls dress up like grown lady’s. An example of a bad pageant mum ….

In this case, is beauty worth the pain ?


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