Open Mic Night

 Packed Full Of Talent !
This week, some of Westminster University’s music students headed down to Open Mic Night also known as Finchley’s finest local talent.

Also, ahead of their show at The Relentless Garage the following night, WEST OF BUDAPEST was playing a full set. I was also able to get an interview from the amazing band.

This is undoubtedly was an un’mist’able night to remember. With FREE ENTRY and a FREE PINT for every performer! Who would have wanted to ‘mist’
this event?

The acts ranged from comedians to singers it was great to see different people get together and enjoy themselves.

For more information on next events call,

"The Mist"
This is where the show begins...

A quick glance of the entrance this image was shot in the evening.

Friends waiting for the performances...

At the beginning of the event a group of friends wait patiently for the performances to start behind the smile and the pose lies a group of hyper uni students getting drunk , making out you name it , they kept the night lively.

The Comedian

The First act to open the night was a comedian , who didn’t really set a high standing performance the crowd were bored, he kept repeating the same sentence ” do you want a good joke or bad joke, old joke new joke” the crowd replied good joke new joke he then repeated 20 odd times ” bad joke, new joke old joke ” the crowd then booed him and told him of get of the stage as he sipped he glass filled with water over and over again he refused to get of the stage i was the only one who found him hilarious because it was that bad, but at least he was brave enough to perform he then started to insult the presenter for the night which no one found amusing and ended up being clapped off the stage before he even finished.


That’s what you look like when you tell a bad joke and your booed by a crowd.


A sigh of relief , the second act on the night gave a great performance. With strong vocals kept the crowd amazed in silence he performed about 4 songs.


   A close up

The Band

This band rocked the night the sound was ecstatic the singing was like bringing xfactor to ‘the mist’.


More great performers on the night,


Another, failed comedian and getting drunk on the night didn’t save him either he didn’t please the crowd and was booed off before you can say hey presto.

The Singer

A great performer she sang ( round my hometown) by adele an sounded like a star with the acoustic song in the background and kept the audience speechless.


The best on the night kept the crowd on there feet …..

I was able to get an interview  from the band asking them how they feel about promotions through networking sites and how they get people to come to their gigs.

Thumbs up meaning a successful night and event !


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